About italktravel & cruise Mandurah


Formerly Mandurah Travel & Cruise, italktravel & cruise Mandurah is a full service travel agency specialising in Cruise, as well as Solo Travel under 'Travel with Me' - our Solo Traveller Club.

Our Award Winning Travel Consultants have years of personal travel experience as well as extensive Travel Industry Qualifications. We are constantly updating our travel knowledge as well as offering our clients opportunities to attend regular information events to keep themselves abreast of the latest developments and deals in their areas of interest!

Speaking from experience…

Between us we have walked, trekked, cruised, toured and flown thousands of miles around the world across 7 continents and back, many times! Service and knowledge are what set us apart!

If you want to find a group, or you are a group looking for experiences in walking tours, cooking trips, languages, sporting events, garden shows, rail enthusiasts, art festivals, music, craft tours and much more, we can organize it. italktravel & cruise Mandurah will find you exclusive packages, escorted and special interest tours, luxury cruises and holidays with a difference – for those that are on a budget or for the discerning traveller looking to ‘spend the kids inheritance’ !

We are passionate about travel and our clients enjoying and experiencing their journeys as much as we do. So if you want to leave your footprints on every continent of this amazing planet, we are just the people to help you do so.

Your holiday experience begins right now – with the inspiration, planning and booking.

Annette Porter

Owner and Managing Director

Hello, I am Annette and very excited to present italktravel & cruise Mandurah to you. I have been involved with travel ever since taking off overseas nearly 30 years ago. I backpacked around the world before settling in London and working as a tour guide for the 18 to 35’s coach market escorting tours all over Europe. Wow some awesome times then and some amazing experiences which meant after returning home 6 years later there was no option but to work in this fabulous industry.

Today I consider myself very lucky to be working and living in beautiful Mandurah and incredibly blessed to be working with an wonderful team of ladies who have more experience and more passion in Travel than anyone I know.


My role in the team is to promote italktravel & Cruise Mandurah and Travel with Me within the community and around the country. I do this by securing fabulous offers by our suppliers, running quarterly Solo Traveller Meetups groups for Travel with Me, hosting in store destination and information events, putting together some fabulous small groups and occasionally escorting these groups to some incredible locations around the world.


I love travel and everything associated with it. I love the planning, arriving and exploring new places, trying new food, meeting new people and learning about new cultures. Life is an adventure and travel is my life.


italktravel & cruise Mandurah / Travel with Me is the most experienced team in Mandurah and we love what we do every day, which is making sure our clients receive the very best advice and to ensure a travel experience that is suited to them. Come and see us anytime or join us at one of our information sessions and be inspired by learning about some truly wonderful options for your next journey!

Bosley, AKA The Boss

In store cuddle specialist 

Hi I am Bosley and I moved to Mandurah with my  mum, owner and managing director of italktravel & cruise mandurah, Annette Porter, a few years ago. I really love it down here, especially walking along all the waterways and it’s so great that everyone seems to love dogs here. I come into the office sometimes to help out in the business and visit the team but mostly these days I like chilling out in our new apartment.

Mum travels a bit but I don’t mind too much because I have some great friends who look after me and they do spoil me a bit too.

If you do see me in the office please say hello and um ah I love treats too…. Just sayin

Lisa Cardew

Senior Consultant


As a child I travelled extensively with my parents, and so began my love of travelling and exploring our wonderful world.  After finishing year 12, my parents took me on a six week trip to the United States and it was after this trip I decided working as a travel agent was my dream job.  28 years later I am still here helping my clients plan their dream holidays and instilling the love of travel into my children.

Along the way I have enjoyed some fantastic travel opportunities visiting Europe, USA, Mexico, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bali, Malaysia, Maldives, South Pacific, Thailand, Egypt, Turkey and extensively through Australia. 

Some of the absolute highlights include:
•    releasing baby turtles into the wild in Borneo
•    cycling through local villages in Bali
•    a helicopter flight over the beautiful islands of the Maldives
•    seeing hundreds of hot air balloons flying over the skies of Albuquerque, New Mexico
•    swimming with a whale shark at Ningaloo Reef 
•    swimming with a baby elephant in Krabi Thailand.
•    Seeing the Great Pyramids of Egypt
•    Walking on the Great Wall of China

My children and husband now share my excitement of travelling and we have had many overseas holidays together as well as camping in the great outdoors of our country.  Travelling with my children has helped me to understand the dynamics of family travel and I can pass this expertise onto my clients.  Some of the family trips we have enjoyed together include Bali, Gold Coast, West Coast of America, Singapore and cruising.  We are also soon to embark on a motorhome holiday travelling beautiful New Zealand and for my kids, seeing snow for the first time! 

I can think of no better way to spend my work day – with my head in a travel brochure assisting my clients to plan the holiday of their dreams.


Tina Flower

Senior Consultant

Originally from the UK, I have always had a passion for travel.  Starting with an 8 year career in the airline industry before deciding to try a new adventure and backpack around Australia for a year.  Whilst travelling I met my husband in the beautiful Kimberley’s where we made our home for the next 7 years and welcomed our first daughter.  I continued to work in the tourism industry with the added bonus of experiencing everything the unique Kimberley and Top end offers.  It’s raw, untouched beauty, its numerous unique pockets waiting to be discovered, the people, the rich red dirt and the stars that are so close you feel you can reach out and touch them.  This is still one of my favourite places in the world.

Through my love of travel, I have been married in Bali, sailed the Whitsundays, gambled the strip in Las Vegas and experienced the Grand Canyon by Helicopter.  I have rubbed shoulders with the stars in Hollywood, attended the Boston tea party, travelled the length of the UK and explored many parts of Europe.  I have hit the night life of Bangkok, lazed away the days on the white beaches of Ko Samui and the Caribbean Islands. I have been lucky enough to tick off one of my career dreams of experiencing the amazing Canadian Rockies on the Rocky Mountaineer and last year escorted my very first tour through the centre of Australia on the Ghan Expedition.
I have now been in the travel industry for more than 20 years of which I have been based in Mandurah as a retail travel consultant for the past 11 and been a member of the Mandurah Travel & Cruise, now ItalkTravel Mandurah and Travel with Me team for the past 4.

Along with my two teenage daughters, I hope to continue to tick off my ever growing bucket list and still believe I have the best job.

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing clients return from a holiday of a lifetime and knowing that you were a part of making their dreams come true.


Donna Merema

Part Time Senior Consultant

I began travelling in 1994 when I first started my career as a Travel Consultant.

My first holidays were destinations in Australia and Asia and then soon led to some amazing places and experiences such as a skiing holiday in the Austrian Alps in a little village called Neustift, I have visited the home of Elvis Presley in Graceland in Memphis and I have seen the Pope at the Vatican in Rome. I enjoy visiting new destinations with my family and friends sharing new experiences and making great memories.

One of my favourite destinations is the Caribbean with its white sandy beaches and crystal clear water, an amazing place to swim or snorkel. My most recent holidays these days are cruising holidays with my family. I love the fact that you only need to unpack once and you get to travel to many destinations and countries in one holiday.

I haven’t been everywhere in the world but it’s definitely on my list. Happy Travels!

Rebecca Allcock

Part Time Senior Consultant

I have worked in the travel industry since 1996. After my very first overseas holiday to Bali made me wanting more, so I pursued a career in travel starting out as an office junior I worked and studied my way to become a travel consultant.


Taking a break only to have a family for a few of those years. I have a passion for all things travel and love organising those special holidays for my clients.  No holiday request is too big or small, too easy or hard to organise for you. Anything is possible. I have explored many places but there is so much more I still want to see.


The places that I have ticked off my list so far include most of Australia, New Zealand, Bali, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, the UK, Scotland, Doha, Dubai, Africa, cruised the South Pacific and the west coast of America. Let me help you discover the world too.  




Jean Rodger

Senior Consultant                                                                  


Travel has been a huge part of my life.  Having grown up with a dad who was a long distance driver, I had the great opportunity to travel with him on school holidays around Scotland (my home country) many times, plus at weekends it was up and packed and off we would go to one of our favorite camp sites.  So you could say this was the beginning of a life time of travelling.

My husband and I moved from Scotland to New Zealand in 1973.  After a while we then moved across the ditch to Sydney and then in 1979 returned to Scotland.  Of course it was not long until we had itchy feet again so it was back to New Zealand and we settled down there until our move to Perth in 1986.

It was here in Perth were I changed my career.  My daughter had left school and I could study to become a Travel Consultant and selling travel is what I have done now for the past 22 years in the Rockingham and Mandurah area.  I have now settled into italktravel & cruise Mandurah over the past 2 years where  I have met some amazing new people and can now add them,  to my long list of loyal customers who have followed me in my career,  along this exciting road of travel.  It is always exciting catching up with them, especially on their return,  to hear of their many adventures and also to learn from their experiences, so I can tell others along the way.  I hope one day you will join me too.

I have been fortunate enough to also experience some wonderful places and here are some of those destinations:

Canada,  one of my favorite destinations.  West Coast USA, New Zealand, Alaska, Kenya, different parts of Europe, Scandinavia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Mauritius, Greece and Israel, parts of Australia.  I love cruising and have travelled on some amazing ships.  One of the most exciting cruises I did was when the Queen Mary 2 arrived into Sydney harbor on her maiden world cruise, and we departed from Sydney to Dubai.  That experience was just the best feeling.  Regent is also another cruise company I have been fortunate to sail on.  The service is just amazing.  As recent as last year I did a Viking River cruise in the Bordeaux region and Oh La La if you like food and wine this is the cruise for you.

Throughout my working career as a travel consultant I have awarded some of the industry’s top achievers awards.

There are so many places in the world that are on top of my favorite list, but probably Canada does stand out to be quite near the top, especially Vancouver Island.  It is a place I enjoyed and would return often if I could.  Since I visited Paris last year that has gone on my list of great places to visit.  I really enjoyed  Munich in Germany as it was so easy to get around on the trains to visit the wonderful Alpine areas which I just love.  And  then of course there is Scotland.

Kitty Villegas

Web and Marketing Guru and Part Time Senior Consultant

Originally from Seattle, Washington, I started my travel career shortly after I moved to Australia in 2003 and have worked in both retail and corporate travel. I thought, if you love travel, why not make a career out of it?

My love affair with travel began much before this when I was 18 and travelled to Russia on a High School Exchange program. Upon my return I realized I had been bitten by the travel bug! Since then I have been fortunate enough to be able to travel to some amazing places in the World. Some of my travel experiences have been:

England as a backpacker as well as living in London for a year. This has given be the opportunity to see the country as a tourist and a local, giving me great in site to different travel experiences. Scotland is also a county not to be missed! Edinburgh Tattoo anyone?

Looking for something a bit off the beaten path? I spent 2 months in Russia, visiting St Petersburg, Moscow and most of the two months in Siberia. This is a truly unique part of the world and well worth visiting.

Japan! One of my favourite places on the world. A land where traditional and modern culture somehow coexist in unity. One day I am shopping for the latest technological gadget on the market and that same evening I am observing geisha perform a tradition Japanese tea ceremony. Japan is a wonderful place to visit for those that have an interest in flowers and gardens, some of the most unique I have seen!

Some of the other places I have travelled to are Indonesia, Borneo, Mexico, Dubai, The Dominican Republic and the west coast of Canada and America. I have travelled in all styles, therefore have experience with different travelling budgets.

Want to know where else I’ve been? Just ask and I would love to share my travel experience with you.

With the new office italktravel Mandurah opening up and myself still residing in Perth, I have now taken on the role of marketing and keeping our wonderful website up to date with fantastic offers. I am always on the lookout for great deals, and with so many of them out there, one person alone couldn't find them all!

Steinbeck wrote: “A Trip….is an entity, different from all other journeys. It has personality, temperament, individuality, and uniqueness. A journey is a person in itself; no two are alike”.

I believe this is very true, and I tailor each trip I arrange to meet my client’s individual needs.