For as long as we can remember, we’ve been itching to move. 
A restless energy to explore and experience all things new. 
You could say, we were born to experience. 
italktravel, we believe in the special, magical, unique travel experience. 
Always personal and tailored, never predictable or simply ‘off the shelf’. 
We experience first hand, then innovate and optimise travel solutions to create truly memorable experiences for our customers. 
We believe in enduring relationships that keep customers coming back time and again. 
We take great pride in our long-standing and trusted travel industry partnerships. 
Always optimising the best deal for our customers. 
We believe in ‘talk not just click’. 
To talk through travel experiences with our highly motivated, inspired team who seek to delight customers. 
Each of us is unique. But one thing drives us. 
Our desire to create experiences that move people. 
Not just the physical. But emotionally to places they could only ever imagine.

We are your travel experience specialists.

Five service promises ensure great value and peace of mind wherever you travel…

  1. The best travel deals at the best prices – Don’t waste your time searching the internet, just talk to one of our local travel specialists who already have access to the best deals in the market. The buying power of the Independent Travel Group and their preferred partners give us access to great travel offers and amazing value, which we then pass onto you.
  2. Your one-stop travel shop – italktravel agents will assist you with every aspect of your holiday from flights to accommodation, ground transport, activities, tours, insurance, documentation, visas and more. There’s so much for you to choose from.
  3. Supporting your local community – italktravel stores are owned and operated by local people in your area. Every store is proactive and proudly supports local Sports Clubs and Community events. Meaning your support keeps your local community strong.
  4. Reliable, safe and responsible - Your privacy, security and peace of mind are very important. italktravel agents take responsibility to ensure that your details are always safe and secure and that you’re always kept informed of travel alerts and schedule changes.
  5. Your local travel specialists – your local italktravel agent is just around the corner waiting to save you time and money and to take the stress out of your holiday planning. With their extensive experience, they will know just what you’re after and can tailor unique travel experiences for you, at a price you can afford.

As a Book Safe Agent, we have taken extensive steps to ensure your money is as safe as possible when passed over to us through a combination of insurance policies.

In the unlikely event of losses due to insolvency on the part of a supplier, this insurance will reimburse partially or fully, any loss of money you have already deposited as covered under the terms and conditions of the Book Safe Agent Insurance Policy.

italktravel are independent retail travel agents who together form Australia’s newest and most exciting retail travel network.

They are innovative and united by the italktravel ‘talk to us’ identity which embodies the essence of great service and travel expertise offered as a local travel specialist.

The italktravel brand was created in response to a demand from members for a new branding option. They wanted the security that comes with being part of a franchise group, but also to be in a position to manage their own businesses.

As a result italktravel stores enjoy franchise benefits, but without the associated costs or the restrictions of a franchise. They have access exclusive territories, marketing & website support and each store have an individual contract tailored to their operation.