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The land of the Inca. Your entry into the ancient worlds of the Amazon, find yourself surrounded by near-forgotten languages, the heaven-scraping Andes Mountains and cultures steeped in both indigenous and colonial history. The Peruvian people have one of the most diverse backgrounds in the world with Western, East Asian and African influences birthing Inca, Pre-Hispanic and Colonial histories. These sprawling histories intertwine to create complex and contradictory identities where deep indigenous roots clash with countless foreign influences.

The unassuming culinary goldmine to be found in Lima, the nation’s capital, is a surprising reflection of this incredible diversity. A gastronomical revelation, Lima offers you 2 of the top-10 restaurants in the world; Central and Maido, fusion restaurants that draw from the mixed heritage of Peru to put the world on your plate.

Hikers, pack your layers! Peru is home to more than 90 different microclimates, giving it one of the world’s most diverse weather systems. Between the equatorial heat of the Amazon, the sub-tropical coast and the cool highland climate of the Andes, you’ll be taking your jacket off and putting it on again more times that you can count.

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