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From the towering skyscrapers of the energetic capital of Kuala Lumpur to the equatorial rainforests and isolated islands, Malaysia is a multicultural mecca of Muslim Malays, Chinese, Hindu, Indians and indigenous groups.

This diversity of culture is best explored through its cuisine. Start at the source by hitting the streets of vibrant, cultural Penang, the safest street food in the world and consistently named in the top 10 foodie lists by Lonely Planet, Forbes Magazine and Time Magazine.

From the traditional Malaysian curries of Lamb Rendang with slowly simmered spices that dance across your tongue, to the salty sweetness of a Seafood Popiah, a thin crepe pancake rolled into a spring roll, stuff with juicy crab meat, fried shallots and chopped nuts, doused in viscous sauce; and don’t forget Penangs most iconic street food, Char Koay Teow. Literally meaning ‘fried flat noodle’, this historic Malaysian dish consists of rice noodles, prawns, blood cockles (clams) and bean sprouts fried with pork lard over a sizzling high heat with dark soy, chili and Chinese chives all served on a banana leaf. The tantalisingly sweet and charred aroma will lure you in.

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