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Dazzling colours, rich cultural history, a vast and varied wildlife, all part of the experience that hits you upon entering this unique country. A cacophony of excited conversation, the sharp tang of spices and the contradictory mix of urban and natural environments will barrage the senses everywhere you turn, you can’t help but let your comfort zone slip away as endless new experiences force you to rethink the world around you.

Watch the bright ethereal clouds of colour burst around you at the Holi Festival of Colours, purples, pinks and yellows bursting around a joyous crowd of smiling faces. Marvel at the immense and landscape-dominating presence of the Taj Mahal on the bank of the Yamuna river. Chase a glimpse of the fabled Bengal Tiger in Madhya Pradesh, its nine National Parks and six tiger reserves offering an incredible opportunity to see the natural India.

A country offering a wide range of experiences with endlessly unique communities and cultures to explore, India is a destination that will open your eyes and shift your perspective for the better.

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