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Can you hear the clink of beer steins? Can you smell the bratwurst sizzling? This is just the tip of the cornucopia that is Germany and all its indulgent delights.

Step into the evergreen woodlands of the Black Forest and create your own fairy tale just like the Brothers Grimm. Explore the spectacular Bavarian Alps, bursting with myriad colours in springtime, and yodel ‘til the cows come home. Marvel at the elegant spires of Neuschwanstein, the magical castle that inspired Walt Disney. For a further dose of childlike wonder be sure to check out Miniatur Wunderland, the world’s largest model railway, or Zoologischer Garten Berlin, which boasts the world’s largest variety of animals.

For the grown-ups, there’s always Oktoberfest, an annual festival beginning in September. You can brave the Olympic Rings roller coaster, indulge in classic Bavarian food like käsespätzle and candied almonds, or even attend a real-life flea circus. Trust us, you’ll be standing on tables, downing steins of beery bliss and belting Fliegerlied in no time!

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