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From terraced country bistros, filled with the warm sweetness of freshly baked madeleines and croissants straight out of the oven, to the vast grounds of the aristocratic estates and the cultural maze of Parisian streets, France will charm you with its unparalleled wealth of cultural and artistic history. Museums are equally full of deeply textured oils on canvas, stark marble reliefs, and sleek modern pieces of contrasting abstraction. Jump between the Michelin-starred restaurants as you tour the global tastes of the culinary elite, Paris is a city that has proven itself a battleground for the world’s best chefs and you get to reap the rewards.

Change your pace with a slower journey through the French countryside as Bordeaux offers what is often described as the best wine region in the world – something that can be appreciated by casual drinkers and wine connoisseurs alike.

France has the potential to seduce any type of traveller, so let it sweep you up in the rich and decadent experiences this storied country has to offer and find yourself craving more – either in small bites or big gulps, you be the choice.


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