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Precariously perched on the edge of past, present, and future, there has never been a more alluring and intriguing time to visit Cuba, than right now. With the American embargo lifted in 2014, tourism is booming and Cuba is entering a new chapter in its complex, fascinating history.

On the streets of Havana, the clichés are alive and well as 1950’s Cadillacs cruise the well-worn roads, salsa beats pulse from lively corner bars, and the heady fragrances of cigars and rum waft through the humid air. Revered revolutionary leaders Fidel Castro and Che Guevara stare down on the streets from crumbling murals, and below, the warm-hearted locals are welcoming new tourism opportunities like never before.

The largest island in the Caribbean, Cuba’s charms extend to the picturesque countryside with verdant forested mountains, thriving tobacco plantations and the stunning tropical coast where colonial seaside towns are interspersed with modern luxury resorts. Snorkel the tropical waters or flop into a hammock with an Ernest Hemmingway classic encapsulating his time writing in this fascinating land.

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